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Feature Film - Spa Weekend

Im delighted to share that a feature film I worked called Spa Weekend has made it to Female Filmmakers Film Festival Berlin this June.


Josephine (Jo) is a down & out actor who is back in Dublin having been ground down in London. She needs a break. She needs someone to celebrate her birthday with! She wants to go camping!

No one will go with her.

Her old friends have outgrown her. She’s down on her luck with no one to comfort her. Cue; ‘Stoney’, an old actor friend who is also down on his luck. She lies & asks him to go on a ‘Spa Weekend’ with her. He agrees. Little does he know he’ll be facing the elements and little does she know that Stoney is running from his drug-dealer to whom he owes a year’s worth of hash money. And, unbeknownst to them both, is following them, ready to wreak havoc!

Check out the trailer here:

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