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A little bit about our new Queen

I thought it would be nice to let you know a little bit about me!

I am from a town in London called Biggin Hill and I designed my international dress on London with the front panel about Biggin Hill which is famous for its RAF base which was built during the First World War and played a vital role in the Second World War.

I am a dancer and I trained at the BRIT School of performing arts. I continued my education at Kingston University where I was awarded a Degree in Dance. I have continued my career as a dancer and am currently in shows in North Wales at Haven.

I love to travel! I traveled around Asia and went to some amazing countries including Thailand and Vietnam. I’m lucky that my job has also helped me travel as I’ve danced in shows and taught in Greece, Cyprus, India, America and Australia.

Lastly ... I love my doggie Meeko who loves the camera and always wants to be in all my appearances!! x

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