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The Come Back is always Stronger than the Set Back!

Hi Everyone, I have been meaning to write this for a while now, some of you may know, I was very poorly before Christmas and I spent my whole Christmas in hospital with pneumonia/Covid which in turn did not mix well with my existing health condition's.

Somewhat Easy Breathing is something I never knew I took for granted, Since then I have been continuing to heal and trying to get back to normal.

Unfortunately this has meant I have had to make some changes to my new normal lifestyle, this includes new medications and a new career due to health reasons. I am having to start a whole new chapter of investigations and my fight is not over just yet, but as I am healing and regaining my strength each month I feel I am at a point now where I can fully return to my to my beloved role of Miss Elegance of the world UK and fulfil it to what I want to achieve.

Sorry for being so quiet but as you can imagine I have had a lot to deal with.

I want to thank everyone for all of your continued support and don't forget what doesn't Kill makes you stronger, and I am coming back stronger! 👑❤️

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