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Mr Elegance Of The World

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Mr Elegance Of The World is a virtual online competition, this will not lead to internationals, but a stunning crown & sash will be awarded, and the title of Mr Elegance Of The World.

Kings you will need to create 5 individual films, amounting to no longer than 5 minutes in total for each, video. NO MUSIC! 


Example video (1). 3 min.30 secs, video (2). 2.30 secs, video (3). 2 min & so on. 


5 x individual clips for the following rounds 

  • Opening Number Please quote I am a Mr elegance of the world 2023/24 finalist or if you are an ambassador say ambassador also, your job title like I am a doctor, age & country & town you are from & a little about you, like hobbies & goal/dreams.

  • International Costume please say My costume represents, like you could say My international costume represents my country & I am proud, and your outfit would be creative which may have created this with your countries flags.


  • Swimwear or Sportswear

  • Evening wear 

  • Question  1 If you were crowned our next titleholder what would your goal be for your year's reign?



  • Kings you just need to ensure you film in a quiet room/area so we can hear you clearly, with NO background noise or NO Music. Music we will add due to copyrights

  • Also we are now introducing three new optional rounds as stated below. There will be a fee of £25 for each round


  • 1: Talent Round (Optional) : Contestants will get an opportunity to perform an act (no more than 5 minutes) to demonstrate/showcase their talent. Make it fun and creative to wow the judges! This round is OPTIONAL for all contestants.

  • 2: Mr Elegance Of The World Eco Queen (Optional): In this round, all contestants are invited to get creative with there ideas and think about recycling . The contestants are to source an outfit made from recycled materials/ clothing & make the outfit look stylish on the catwalk. This round is OPTIONAL for all contestants.

  • 3: Fashion round, get to showcase your fashion, style.




Please film in landscape ONLY, orientation if using a smartphone. 























Also ensure you are clearly audible, so we can hear you


Lit well, so the footage isn't dark or grainy


We look forward to welcoming YOU!

Fee £30 & £25 for your sash including postage in the UK

International postage please message us


Competition will be held VIRTUALLY

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