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Positive Vibes

Hi All,

Hope you are all keeping safe.

Many countries seem to be taking the first baby steps out of lockdown. While this is exciting we must still be cautious. Sadly we have seen covid return to Beijing and the schools have to be shut down again. Our lives have changed and we have to accept our new norm but hopefully we can all focus on our new/renewed appreciations.

There are plenty of things Im looking forward to doing again. Im excited for Miss Elegance of the World finals in November. I cant wait to start acting and modeling again. I do love travelling but I will be travelling with caution. Most of all Im looking forward to being able to spend time with friends and family... if its just having a movie night, meeting for coffee or going for dinner. It will be bliss.

We need to stay positive, focused and help each other through.

Dani xx

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